Branson Design Group specializes in corporate audio systems, designing an environment based on the listening experience you want to achieve. Distributed audio allows you to play background music throughout your facility. In-wall/ In-ceiling speakers provide a clear crisp sound with a discrete profile. Invisible speakers are placed in the ceiling or wall and then covered with sheet rock, providing you with an audio-source and blemish-free walls. Our custom-designed corporate audio options are made hassle-free providing you with the incredible sound quality and easy-to-use options.

Not all video is created equal and that’s why we can’t treat it all the same. When designing a viewing area we take into consideration the source type and quality, budget, and user preference. Have the ability to share your computer screen with the rest of your room through traditional display and projector solutions. We also offer wireless projection for additional convince. With interactive displays and smart boards you can manipulate, record, and broadcast your presentation. Certain interactive displays and white boards connect to their counterparts in other locations. This allows you to mark up a slide on your interactive display and it be seen by your co-worker elsewhere. In fact, content can be edited simultaneously with all shared users.