Home Automation

Boerne or San Antonio home automation can make your life easier, safer, and less stressful by removing the need for you to perform menial everyday tasks that take up time and energy but don’t require much attention. Read on for a brief overview of the things a Boerne or San Antonio home automation system can do to make you and your family more comfortable and efficient.

When you wake up in the morning, your thermostat will be set to the perfect temperature to make it comfortable to get out of bed and prepare for the day. Your coffee maker will have your favorite brew ready for you, your pets will be fed, and your plants will be watered.

Once everyone has left the house for the day, the thermostat will adjust itself to be more energy- and cost-efficient so as not to increase your utility bills. Any lights that have been accidentally left on will be turned off automatically, and doors with access to the outside will be locked. Your San Antonio or Boerne home automation system will also water the lawn, and depending on the size and shape of your property, it may also be able to mow your grass.

If your child is sent home from school for early dismissal or because he or she doesn’t feel well, you can let them into the house by tapping a button on your Smartphone to unlock and then relock the door. Your San Antonio smart home automation system removes the need to leave a key under the doormat, effectively lowering the risk of a criminal finding it and breaking in. The thermostat will also readjust itself half an hour before you return home, so that you enter a house that is set to a comfortable temperature again.

After the sun goes down, your home automation system will close your blinds, turn on the yard and porch lights, and dim the interior lighting if you prefer it that way. Once it’s time for bed, the security system will arm itself and the thermostat will adjust to a comfortable sleeping temperature so that you and your family can go to bed in a safe and comfortable environment.

If this sounds like the sort of system that would improve your life, make you more productive, and keep your family safe, contact Branson Design Group today for a consultation. We install both San Antonio and Boerne home automation systems.