One of Branson Design Group’s specialties is Boerne and San Antonio home theater installation projects, so if you’re ready to take your home entertainment experience to a higher level, let us handle the task.

To ensure that you get the maximum return on your investment and that your Boerne or San Antonio home theater installation is satisfactory, we will begin by meeting with you to learn about you and your families wants, needs, and goals for a quality home theater experience. Consider if you want a large commercial-style layout or something cozier for just you and your family; if you have an existing room in your home you wish to convert for the purpose or if you will need to install an addition; if you know what type of décor you want in the room; if you want a particular screen size or other specific input about the equipment; and if you want to have a popcorn maker, soda machine, or other special touches. We will listen to your preferences and then match your vision to what is available.

After establishing what your San Antonio or Boerne home theater installation project will entail, we will install state-of-the-art AV components in the location you have chosen. We’ll also help with seating, acoustic modifications, and other elements that will provide you with the optimal home theater experience. Since every home layout is different, we’ll apply the best solutions for your floor plan; if you choose to install your theatre in an existing room in the residence, we’ll check to see if additional sound insulation is required, and if you install in a basement or garage, we’ll modify it for your comfort by adding climate control, restrooms, and other conveniences. Whatever your situation, we’ll tailor the design to your requirements.

Once the system has been installed and checked for performance and quality, we will show you how to use all the controls, answer any questions you may have, and then leave you to enjoy your new home theatre.

If you think you and your family would enjoy and like to move forward with a technologically advanced home theater system installation, consider the setup you would like best and contact Branson Design Group today. We perform both San Antonio and Boerne home theater installation projects, so we can help you regardless of where you are located in south central Texas.