Branson Design Group handles the installation of both residential and commercial Boerne and San Antonio lighting control systems.Whether you’re interested in freedom from manual light switches in your home or you having a top-grade system for your church, auditorium, office or business, we have the equipment, tools and training to handle the job economically and efficiently.

Residential Lighting Automation

Modern lighting is the basis for a contemporary lifestyle, and Branson Design Group takes residential lighting into the 21st century by giving you complete control of the shading, type, intensity, and use of lights in your home with our technologically advanced Boerne or San Antonio lighting control systems. We enable you to have complete control over the lighting in your home, so you can set the mood for an intimate dinner for two in the dining room while leaving lights off throughout the rest of the home, or you can program individual lighting elements to turn on at preset times or whenever people enter a section of the home. This control also extends to the outside of your home with yard and security lights that link into one easy-to-use system.

Commercial Lighting Automation

Modern commercial San Antonio or Boerne lighting control systems can help you lower operating expenses while improving the work environment for your employees by providing the following features:

  • Occupant-dependent lighting that only stays on when needed.
  • Daylight-synchronized lighting that adjusts in intensity with the amount of sunlight entering the room.
  • Security or alarm lighting that flashes off and on to alert building occupants to emergency conditions.
  • Theatrical lighting that frees movie house workers from having to manually dim and raise lights before and after showings.

Branson Design Group installs both San Antonio and Boerne lighting control systems, so no matter where you’re located in south central Texas, we can help with your residential or commercial lighting needs. Contact us today for a consultation.